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Since it's been a while, here is one of a pair of fingerless gloves I made yesterday. The wool is very soft though it's hard to work with because it's all kinky (Not that kind of kinky! :-)). My arm tendons were aching by the time I was done! But I think the gloves came out OK.

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Speed's new nickname is Bambi. (See my post about him being mistaken for a deer.) He's got a couple of other nicknames as well: Mr. Pointy and Torpedo Head.

Of course, if he's Bambi, Sky has to be Thumper. Which fits her anyway because she thumps her tail on the floor when you come into the room while she's lying on her side. :-)

Also, Electra is The Princess, Kismet (Kizzy) is Eeper (she had a high-pitched meow as a kitten, that sounded sort of like "eep"), Bijou is Jelly Baby (she nurses like a baby and has a jelly belly), and River is Foof (she's big and foofy). Elton is Weeble (he wobbles *and* falls down). Freddie and Serena haven't really inspired nicknames, though, which they're probably not unhappy about.

Anyone else here have goofy nicknames for their pets?

Jul. 20th, 2016

Speed got his stitches out yesterday, then my husband took him to his workplace, the state police post, to run in the K9 field a bit. (K9 field: the fenced field where police dogs are trained.)

The amusing part: A while ago, a neighbor told us he had to look twice at Speed in our yard because he thought he looked like a deer. (To refresh memories: Speed is a greyhound. He's very slender and graceful-looking, with long thin legs, and is about hip height to me -- I'm 5'2". His coat is red brindle, with white chest and paws.)

Then while they were there yesterday, a worker at the post asked my husband if he'd brought Speed there before, and on getting confirmation of this, said that people had been saying they thought they'd occasionally seen a deer in the field. But now he can tell them the mystery is solved. LOL.
I guess you know you're really into a new hobby when you find yourself trying out variations of it.

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Jul. 6th, 2016

Poor Speed has had a week. The Fourth wasn't too bad, thanks to his Thundershirt, but yesterday he went to the vet for a teeth cleaning and some minor surgery. They cut out a small lump on his back that we thought was a sebaceous cyst but was actually possibly a (benign, non-growing) tumor. It was about the size of my pinky tip, and he had had it since we got him.

Fortunately he's taking it easy and not bothering his stitches, even with the e-collar off. The pain pills help.

He's such a good torpedo-head. :-)

Another fanfic!

I put a new fanfic up at AO3 a few days ago.

It's another 12th Doctor one. I guess he's grown on me or something.

Title: Still Crazy
Author: Sue DeNimme
Rating: General Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: Gen
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Characters: Sarah Jane Smith, Twelfth Doctor
Summary: Sadly, we will never get to see Twelve and Sarah Jane together, but here's a conversation they might have had. (Takes place between Hell Bent and The Husbands of River Song for the Doctor, and after The Man Who Never Was for Sarah Jane.)

Spoilers for the end of Series 9 of New Who.



For Memorial Day yesterday, my husband and I went for a walk in a park called Coxhall Gardens, just north of Indy. Despite the name, there's very little in the way of flowers that I saw there, but they do have two clock towers with bells, and little ponds with fountains in them. Very picturesque, and I have a new phone, so naturally I tried out the camera. It came through with flying colors, if you ask me.

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Trying my hand at loom knitting.

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Argh! Why does the cut text change my 's to "s? :-P


May. 5th, 2016

Been a while since I posted one of my projects --

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Thoughts on the new Who companion

Why I don't care that the new companion is yet another attractive 20-something woman (one of the most frequent complaints I've seen about her)

1. Attractive 20-something women are not all the same.

2. Attractiveness is pretty much mandatory for professional actors, especially female ones. So where were they going to find an unattractive one, and come on, do you REALLY want that? My observation is that the male audience (who, face it, are unfortunately the main ones catered to by sci-fi TV producers to whom that is the default demographic, and any others like me who happen to be watching are gravy) tends to *lose their freaking minds* if an actress cast in a regular role on their favorite show is anything less than drop dead gorgeous in their eyes.

3. "Doctor + 1 young female companion" has been the default setup on the show since the early 70s, so much so that it's pretty much a set-in-stone part of the show's format (with the occasional male, alien, or robot thrown in just for grins). Also set in stone in the BBC's and viewers' minds is the notion that the main companion needs to be the Doctor's opposite on several levels: young and relatively naive (because he's old and has incredible amounts of knowledge and experience), female (because so far he's always been male), human (because he's not, and the conventional wisdom is that audiences will tune out if there's not at least one character with a similar perspective to theirs in at least one aspect). *And* a longstanding major component of the Doctor's character is the fact that he likes humans (or why else would he save us so much?). So what do you want from them?

4. *And*, (this is probably the most important) television producers are NOTORIOUSLY reluctant to mess with what's worked in the past. So, sorry, but I continue to refuse to write this new character off before I've even seen more than 2 minutes of her in action.

Deal with it.

(This is a modified version of a reply I posted on a Who community post on Facebook that was full of "Waaahhh, they didn't create and cast a character solely according to MY personal hopes and preferences!")