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Since it's been a while, here is one of a pair of fingerless gloves I made yesterday. The wool is very soft though it's hard to work with because it's all kinky (Not that kind of kinky! :-)). My arm tendons were aching by the time I was done! But I think the gloves came out OK.

Homespun fingerless glove


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Aug. 25th, 2016 10:15 pm (UTC)
That looks super soft.
Aug. 25th, 2016 11:42 pm (UTC)
Yes, which helps make up for how ornery it is. :-)
Aug. 26th, 2016 01:27 am (UTC)
They look wonderful and super soft. Well done, my dear.
Aug. 26th, 2016 08:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I made another pair while our power was out today. :-)
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